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Package, Promote & Profit

Stand Out Online. Grow Your Business. Pull in the Profits.


The online marketing course for people who want to market & grow their business online
...without wasting time or money doing it.

It's time to have a business that hands YOU the power to design your own life and give you:

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Happiness & Freedom

Having your own schedule, spending your time doing what you want to be doing.



Having a business that works around the clock to bring you an incredible income.

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Growing Your business online can feel...

Overwhelming. Stressful. Confusing. Daunting. 

...But it doesn't have to be.

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Package, Promote, & Profit is Designed to...

Give you all the steps simply and easily.  
No fluff.  No theory.  No vague talk. 

Never leave you hanging.
Some courses leave you to figure things out yourself, but not here.  

You'll have access to me (Katie) when you need it, and live Q&A implementation calls with the group to get all your questions answered and learn from others in the course, too.  

You'll never feel stuck, lost, or unsure of what your next steps should be.

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Who Will Buy From Me?
What Do I Sell? And How?
What Will I Say?




How Do I Stand Out?
What About My Website? Or Social Media?!
How Do I Get in Front of the Right People?



How Do I Make Money From an Email List?
How Do I Make All This Tech Stuff Work?
How Do I Run This and Keep it All Together?

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8 Modules. 8 Weeks. 

4 Live Q&A with the Group

Course Begins Monday, April 24th at 11AM PST

On Friday, April 21st, I'll send you all the information you need to login to the members area. 

You'll also get the P3 Playbook, my course workbook goes hand-in-hand with the modules.

Enroll Now for $97 with pre-sale pricing

at 11:59pm PST the price will permanently increase to $197.00
and will only increase thereafter.

Want to see what's inside the course?

Module 1: Pinpoint Your People

  • Pinpoint your audience and who you want to be your customers.
  • Where the heck to find these people, and how to get them to find YOU!
  • Identify the different types of buyers in your audience so you’ll know how to sell to each of them (that’s right, you don’t have to choose just 1 "ideal client" - ugh, I’m so over that phrase, are you?)

MODULE 2: Packaging Your Offers & Crafting Your MARKETING MESSAGE

Create a marketing message that your audience will gravitate to.

  • Use slick psychological strategies to uncover what your audience really wants and needs from you, so you know what your opt-ins and offers should be in the first place.
  • Craft an offer that connects the problem your prospect has to your specific service and solution - in other words, what they’ll open their wallets for.
  • Package it.  What to say and write about your offer – from the text on your website, landing pages, blog & social media posts, etc. that gets people’s attention and pulls them in.
  • Nail the 'voice' of your marketing so your writing jumps off the page and really resonates with your audience - in a fresh, non-lame, non-cheesy way that feels “authentic” and “valuable” without ever having to use those words.


No gimmicky or lame stuff here.  We're not going to do what everyone else is doing in your industry.  

  • Map out your lead generation plan – where to start when it comes to putting your offer(s) out there and getting it in front of the right people.
  • How to position your business the right way to push past the competition and pull in the people we know will by from you.
  • How to create instant connection, and quickly build likability and trust with your audience...'cause you wouldn't go up to a stranger and expect them to hand you $500 bucks... but if you've got some tricks, tweet 'em my way, k?
  • All the branding fun stuff yep we’ll have fun with colors, images, and graphics like we’re in kindergarten again…kinda.


  • Easy ways to zshoosh up your website(Side note: I realized I’ve never actually written/typed that word before, and had to Google it)
  • Website mistakes your competition is making, and how to use them to stand out and dominate your market.
  • How to structure your pages for more sign-ups, leads, and sales, and the common mistakes to avoid that cost people thousands.
  • The steps to getting your website visitors to take action and turn them into buyers... I mean, that's the whole point in having one, right?


  • The techie side of building an an email list - made simple.  Landing pages, opt-in forms, email services, and connecting it all together. 
  • How to follow up with your new hot prospects and create a system that runs on autopilot, bringing you the moolah easier and faster.
  • Send non-lame, non-boring emails and build relationships, trust, and likability with your list of subscribers and turn them into happy buyers.

Bonus Training: Secret Sauce

  • What 'retargeting' is, and why it's my 'Secret Sauce' to successful online're going to geek out over this.
  • How you can massively increase sales using social media with this little marketing trick.

Module 6: Success with Social Media

  • The best strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and which ones will be most profitable and work best for finding your audience and having them find you.
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make with social media and how you can use them to blow away the competition.
  • Create an audience of fans that shares your content and practically grows your business for you.


  • How to use your marketing success to take your business to the next level of growth.
  • Build systems to put your marketing and prospect follow-up processes on autopilot.
  • How to set up online systems to do the heavy lifting for you and create your sales machine.


  • Pull in the profits - have consistent and reliable cashflow from your marketing... Heck yes! 
  • How to maintain engagement with your list and build great relationships with your social media audience.
  • Peace of mind to know your marketing will fuel your business growth over the long term... Deep breathe in, and out... "Ahhhhhhhh."
  • Happiness that comes with designing the life you want and choosing how you spend your time, doing what you love.

Ready to Stand Out and Make Your Online Presence Crazy Profitable?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Absolutely! If you finish the course, implement my strategies, and don't see any results, then you can email me within 60 days of purchase (2 whole months!) for a full refund.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever, and ever, and ever, get the point. friend! Enroll once and you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will be updated with any new strategies, videos, and course materials.

How is the course content going to be delivered?

Good question! The course materials are shared as video content, audio files, a course workbook, as well as checklists, worksheets, and progress trackers. No matter how you like to learn - reading, writing, watching, or listening, I've got you covered.  


Isn't all of this stuff I could find online?

I'm sure you could!  Does that mean it would be right there in one place with up-to-date, relevant information that's structured to get you the best results?  Nnnooppee.  You could spend hours sifting through conflicting information, wondering which steps are highest priority, and will really get you the results you're after.  This course has everything you need, with each step designed to show you what to do and how to take action - saving you the time, hassle, and massive headaches you would endure trying to do it all yourself. 

What if I'm just starting out - no website, no blog, no following?

You can absolutely take this course if you want to get a head start with your website or blog once you start it!  I won't be covering how to set up a website or start a blog, but having this course in your toolbox is a great way to save time and avoid costly mistakes, growing your website and business the right way from the beginning.



Ok, I'm in.  Let's go!


Course Begins Monday, April 24th at 11AM PST

On Friday, April 21st, I'll send you all the information you need to login to the members area, as well as send you the P3 Playbook, my course workbook goes hand-in-hand with the modules.

Enroll Now for $97 with pre-sale pricing

at 11:59pm PST the price will permanently increase to $197.00
and will only increase thereafter.