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SunCore is a solar charging company based in Irvine, California.  As emerging leaders in their industry, they knew they needed a new website that represented the quality of their technology and products. 

When we began working together, their website had served its purpose, but was too simplistic - they wanted a stunning website that would captivate viewers and draw them in to learn more about their work.

Since they already had a logo and great branding, including colors and images, I incorporated these elements into the new design.  Their technology uses solar and incandescent light to power electronic devices (pretty cool, right?) so I used images and design elements to mirror that, giving the viewer a warm feel that's balanced out by clean lines, plenty of white space, and sleek, dark background elements.  

I wanted to keep the viewer's eyes moving, so I added in some parallax backgrounds and images that move as you scroll down each page.  It gives the site some dimension, and keeps curiosity around each corner with its dynamic structure and layout.  Take a look at the live site and see for yourself!




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